Oak Ridge TN., Public Schools – Excellence in Education since 1943

We are so proud of our school system in Oak Ridge, TN. Our schools are so amazing you may want to consider relocating to Oak Ridge for the sake of your children’s education.

“The vision of Oak Ridge High School is to graduate all students prepared for success in college or career as productive and contributing citizens.” These are not just idle words.

The Oak Ridge High School prepare students for all sorts of fields ranging from welding to computer science to graphic arts.

All students will always have a laptop and it will follow them from Freshman to Senior, the school also has a repair shop on site so if a laptop stops working a student can drop it off and get a another one and use it until theirs is fixed and never miss any work at school.

Oak Ridge Schools is the only school system in America where all students are STEM certified, STEM is Science, Technology, Electronics, and Math. Advanced STEM Certification info can be found here: Stem Certified Oak Ridge Schools

Oak Ridge TN schools are 1st in Tennessee and only the 2nd in the world to be entirely certified out of 34,000 schools in 70 countries. It is very fitting Oak Ridge Schools System was awarded this certification during the city’s 75th anniversary.   Oak Ridge first in state for STEM certification — second in the world

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